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Program Overview

Welcome to the PTCS website, designed to support contractors and utilities that are commissioning heat pumps and testing and sealing duct systems based on the Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS™) standards.

The purpose of this website is to provide a location to enter project information, also known as the PTCS® Site Registry. This website will continue to serve as the PTCS Site Registry until a new system, currently being built by Bonneville Power Administration, is available.

Effective March 1, 2012, Bonneville Power Administration will provide information about the PTCS program online at www.bpa.gov/reshvac.

Reminder to PTCS Contractors:

Please be sure to submit your PTCS Certified Technician Application to BPA if you would like to remain or become eligible to do PTCS work for BPA utility programs. This form will replace the Participation Agreement you signed with Ecova.

If you are not currently working to install or certify PTCS jobs, it is not necessary to submit the application to remain certified, but you will not be listed online as an available technician.

Please direct questions to the PTCS program at 800.941.3867 or ResHVAC@bpa.gov.

Upcoming Events

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Tue Jan 1 2013 - Sun Jan 1 2017

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Tech Foundations: AC & Heat Pumps
$1,400 fee. 9/11-12. Optional 4th and 5th day trainings for attendees at no cost. EPA 608 card exam prep and review for PTCS heat pump cert.
Mon Sep 8 2014 - Wed Sep 10 2014
NW College of Construction, 8111 NE Holman St, Ste 300
Portland, OR 97218
Contact: Elise Steinhauff
Contact Phone: (503) 467-2139
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CLEAResult: PTCS Heat Pump Certification Training
Fri Sep 12 2014 - Fri Sep 12 2014
NW College of Construction, 8111 NE Holman St, Ste 300
Portland, OR 97218
Cost: $400.00 per person
Contact: Elise Steinhauff
Contact Phone: (503) 467-2139

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ResHVAC@bpa.gov, 800-941-3867
Sponsored by your local public utility and Bonneville Power Administration.